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Squareworx Studio presents: ixi

"ixi" is a classic arcade style game, with inspiration taken from space invaders. The aim of the game is to defend your line by shooting down invader style enemies before they cross it. Rack up combo scores and try to get the highest score of all time. Fear not if an enemy happens to get past your deadly lasers, you will merely be penalized with your remaining time. You can replenish this time by shooting down enemies and getting ever increasing combos!

- Arcade shooting action
- 4 Powerups
- Online Highscores
- 8 Achievements
- Chromatic aberration
- Scan lines
- Haptic effects

  • Added Enemy Indicator
  • Added Purple Colour Filter
  • Added Rainbow Colour Filter
  • Added 4th Enemy Type
  • Improved Visual Effects
  • Improved Turret Powerup
  • Minor Gameplay Adjustments

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